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 Rockway Middle

is a

Dream in Green School


“The Green Club”  

Rockway Middle School “Green Club” has organized a “Recycling Box Contest” All homerooms and their teachers have been working hard on their boxes decoration.

WINNER:  (Click here to see pictures) Mrs. Rolle’s Homeroom


See pictures of our class participation:  Click here and select: Recycling Box Activity.

“Science Department”

        This is the time of the year in which we start our Science Fair Projects. We will encourage our students to think “Green” when selecting their projects. Students who want to work on “Dream in Green” projects must talk to their science teachers about alternative ideas. (Projects that are not ruled by the ISEF are not participating in the District Science Fair). 



On March 25th, Rockway Middle joined the Earth Hour, by turning off the classrooms light during the morning announcements. We want to implement this idea during the announcements throughout the school year. We also joined the Earth Hour online and invited all kids and teachers to turn off their basic lights for an hour on Saturday 27th.


Join Mrs. Trompeter Recycling Club participants and enjoy of a fun-filled cleanup event scheduled for Saturday, April 17. More information with Mrs. Trompeter room 1127.


"Keep the Dream Alive" event took place on April 10, 2010

Pictures: Lesmarie Nicholson Coordinator of the Dream in Green School Challenge/ Mr. Alberto Carvalho Superintendent of Schools.

Dream in Green Challenge
Dream in Green Challenge
Dream in Green Challenge
Dream in Green Challenge
Dream in Green Team:

Mrs. Kristin Trompeter

Mrs. Maria Alvarez

Mrs. Mily Rengifo

Mrs. Vivian Medina

Mr. Noel Sanchez

Mr. Juan Carrascal

Mrs. Alba Bahamon

Mrs. Desiree Hewitt